• We deal with an integration consisting in the communication between production and business processes.
    We use following integration standards: SQL, ODBC, XML, OLE.


  • Reliable coordinating of the information flow and transformation between many applications. 
  • Scalability beginning with a small start application up to global distributed and multi – plant applications.
  • Opportunity to configure the flows easily and graphically with no need to programme.
  • Safe operation also in no – authorization computer systems.
  • Message delivery guaranteed due to the options used in high availability systems.
  • Opportunity to create standards, repeatable patterns, transformation of the messages and flows which may be used in many different  customer’s plants.


  • Opportunity to deal with the incidents and production management in real time.
  • Traceability  - improvement in capacity and timeliness of delivery.
  • Monitoring of the machinery work enabling the integration  with resource management systems – reducing waiting time for reports and making decisions faster.

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